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Pulp & Pathology

Dr Ali Mubarak
15th May 2019 13.00pm to 15.00pm

Aims & Objectives:

You’ll be provided with a complete endodontic summary including:

  • diagnosis
  • vital pulp therapy
  • pulp extirpation and root canal treatment
  • root canal retreatment
  • bleaching of endodontically treated teeth
  • post-endodontic restoration
  • assessing treatment outcomes

This course aims to:

  • present the essential science and evidence base behind endodontic treatment
  • discuss how best to apply this knowledge in an everyday clinical setting demonstrate and coach practical skills to make endodontic treatment more efficient and predictable


Developmental Outcome: C

The General Dental Council encourages you to choose CPD to cover all four development outcomes in your cycle:

A: Effective communication with patients, the dental team, and others across dentistry, including when obtaining consent, dealing with complaints, and raising concerns when patients are at risk.

B: Effective management of self, and effective management of others or effective work with others in the dental team, in the interests of patients at all times; providing constructive leadership where appropriate.

C: Maintenance and development of knowledge and skill within your field of practice.

D: Maintenance of skills, behaviours and attitudes which maintain patient confidence in you and the dental profession and put patient’s interest first.


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