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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the treatment of misaligned teeth, such as crowded, crooked teeth affecting your smile. This is done by gently moving the teeth uses various techniques. There are many causes of badly aligned teeth, most commonly it is genetic due to a jaw size discrepancy, but other local factors can cause this as well, such thumb sucking. Fortunately most can be treated simply with a appropriate appliance, resulting in enhanced facial appearance by creating great looking smiles.

Why should I see a specialist Orthodontist?

A specialist Orthodontist, unlike a normal dentist, is accredited and registered as a specialist with the General Dental Council on a Specialist Register. They have had a minimum of 3 years of full time training solely on Orthodontics in a post-graduate teaching hospital or equivalent and have to pass further examinations in Orthodontics to a Master’s degree level and also pass Membership examinations of one of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of the UK.

Who is suitable for orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics is suitable for all people – adults, teenagers and children. You are never too old for treatment – the most important thing is that your teeth, gums and bone levels are healthy. Nowadays, with advances in modern orthodontic appliances and technology, more people of all ages are choosing to have their teeth straightened.

What are the kinds of problems that Orthodontics deals with?

Problems can include:
• Crooked teeth
• Gappy teeth
• Teeth that stick out
• Overcrowded teeth
• Teeth that do not bite together properly

How does Orthodontics work?

Orthodontic treatment works by using an appliance that is designed to apply a continuous light force to the teeth being treated. Over a given period of time, the teeth move within the bone to their new desired positions.

What are the benefits of Orthodontics?

Benefits include:
A really great smile – orthodontics can improve facial as well as dental aesthetics so that it helps you to really make the best of your appearance.
Better dental health because, for example if you previously had overlapping crooked teeth, you can now clean your teeth and gums more effectively.
Less chance of tooth injury if previously your teeth were sticking forward.
Reversing the drifting of the teeth in older patients who have suffered from advanced gum disease.
Preparation for advanced dental treatment such as crowns, bridges or dental implants as the teeth often need to be more correctly aligned before these advanced dental procedures.

How long does treatment take?

This varies dependent on the nature and complexity of the treatment and the age of the patient. We choose the most efficient, comfortable appliances and techniques for you and schedule appointments to complete treatment as fast as possible, maintaining the highest quality of your treatment. We will advise you at the initial consultation of the length of time that we estimate your specific treatment will take.

Simple straightening of the front teeth can be carried out in as little as 6 months.



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